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      Sanmen Tippower Transmission belt factory is officially launched and found in 2017 for producing integrated molding of a ultra-strength high wear-resistant endless polyurethane transmission belt(RIM PU) with double-face fabriced in belt's teeth and back exclusively in China,after introducted and absorbed from foreign most-advanced (RIM PU)high-pressure injection molding polyurethane belt production recipe and technology, and also painstaking research about ten years for combining it with domestic actual practice, independently elaborate special equipment and materials to make landing test repeatedly, and then passed by small-scale market trial using to prove mature.RIM PU is the most advanced polyurethane molding technology developed after CPU,TPU and MPU. Its molding process and material requirements are completely different. Similar to the CPU is irreversible chemical reaction molding, but it has higher requirements for material and reaction process control.

      By using fully self-developed high-strength and high-performance polyurethane elastomer to combine with all imported auxiliary materials selected carefully,using of same production technology as highest quality belts made in world's top brands company for replacing chain, Tippower SSSuperchain polyurethane belt can solve problem of high-strength tension and high wear-resistance requirement on a variety of heavy-duty machines without reliable and durable driving belt for using effectively, polyurethane material itself,its environmental,sanitary and flexibility,making of complete high-quality materials in high-density, high-class custom-made materials, double-face cloth-covered and so on characteristics to ensure running in pollution-free, low noise and efficient operation,to meet requirements of high clean, high strength, oil-resistance,smooth running in food processing industry, textile industry, packaging industry, wood processing, material-conveying automation,carbon fiber bicycles and so on.

      some large or mid-scale textile machinery factory have designated their main-engine belts as appointed auxiliary parts.Product's multiple items tested by Zhejiang Rubber Products Quality Inspection Center to be far more than similar imported brand rubber synchronous belt,to be several times strength of national standard of rubber belt,the product technology fill country blank. Tippower sssuper chain belt take strive to break monoply position on high-end drive belt of domestic and outside China market, is with complete intellectual property rights and technology inside China,using high technology to create fine industrial belts exclusively for domestic industrial machinery transmission field to provide alternative instead of imports, upgrading, More convenient and affordable high-end domestic high-quality transmission services.

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